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Antioch University Midwest, or AUM, has been largely eliminated as a separate campus in the Antioch University system, and the Yellow Springs building is once again for sale, after being taken on and off the market several times in recent years.

Antioch University’s main website no longer lists the campus on its pulldown menu of AU campuses — which include New England, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Seattle — and many sections of the Midwest portion of the site are outdated or defunct. Recent press releases do not list AUM as among the university’s campuses.

But according to AU President/Chancellor Bill Groves this week, that’s because the Midwest campus is no longer offering “placed-based” graduate or undergraduate programs, following a pullback announced in 2018 and completed last year.

“We sunsetted all our placed-based programs,” he said.

Midwest program faculty, including the campus provost and chair of undergraduate studies, are no longer employed by the university. A few have moved into AU Online, the university’s online division, Groves said.

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That division is currently housed at the Midwest campus — though more accurately, there is now “no distinction” between AU Online and AUM, according to Groves.

About 25 employees work in Yellow Springs, in the areas of AU Online,