How YouTube Helped Land Small Town Jersey Shore Lifeguard Massive Real Estate Deal – Rutherford Daily Voice

A small town Jersey Shore lifeguard who became one of YouTube’s most popular creators in the real estate sector just landed the biggest deal of his career.

Erik Conover, 30 — who  has 1.48 million YouTube subscribers — is Nest Seeker International’s newest New York City broker. And he credits the values his parents instilled in him growing up in Absecon.

“Anything is possible, as long as you’re willing to put in the work and not have expectations about how you get there,” Conover said.

“I knew that there was something big like this on the horizon, especially starting on YouTube. But the journey that led to this point was very unexpected.”

Conover has always been a swimmer. But in his senior year of high school, one of his coaches suggested he try rowing. 

“Before Northeastern, I rowed maybe four races my whole life but my cardio vascular training as a swimmer really translated well to rowing,” he said. “I just saw it as an opportunity to go to a good university.”

The Holy Spirit High School graduated landed a rowing scholarship to Northeastern University. He majored in public speaking with a minor in business marketing, and graduated in 2013.

Sure, he had a degree — but still no real idea of what he wanted to do. Only that he wanted to work for himself and that New York City was a good place to start.

Conover moved into a cheap Manhattan rental and worked eight or 12 odd jobs a day. 

“I was