With Oil Can Harry’s Closing, Is Property Owner Monte Overstreet to Blame? – WEHOville

Monte Overstreet at Starbucks, Feb. 25, 2018

Another LGBTQ bar in the greater Los Angeles area announced that it will not reopen once pandemic restrictions are lifted and some are placing blame of Monte Overstreet, who owns many of the buildings where the now closed bars were housed.

Oil Can Harry’s, a 52-year-old Studio City institution, is the latest to announce its closing. In a statement on its website, Oil Can Harry’s owner John Fagan explained the building was sold in December to buyers who want to open a jazz club there.

However, Fagan lays blame on Overstreet for selling the property. In his statement, he said, “The property sold in December thanks to Monty [sic] and Jon just needing to shut another establishment. It was purchased on December 9th by a new buyer, who wants to have their own venue with jazz music.”

In a November Facebook posting, Oil Can Harry’s had said the club was only closed because of COVID-19, but that the property was up for sale and they would work out lease terms with the new owner.

Fagan did not respond to WEHOville’s calls for comment.

However, WEHOville did speak briefly with Monte Overstreet about the sale. Overstreet declined to go into any specifics, but did say that he “took a loss on the sale” and that it was a “losing venture” for him.

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